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Q.  If I become a notary today, does that mean that I will be allowed to notarize documents anywhere in the state of Louisiana?

A.  Yes, becoming a notary today means you have taken the statewide notary exam.  Once passed, you will become a statewide qualified commissioned notary.

Q.  Is there a statewide notary commission?

A.  No, you are commissioned in the parish where you live/work and vote as a registered voter.  The statewide designation is in reference to a statewide qualification.  There is no such thing as a statewide commissioned notary.

Q.  How many times per year is the notary exam given?

A.  As of this writing, the notary exam is given twice per year (June and December)  and is administered by Louisiana State University.

Q.  Is a Living Will the same as a Testament?

A.  No, the living will regards actions to be taken by a hospital/doctor  upon the eventual circumstance where an individual becomes incapacitated and cannot make health decisions for him/herself.  An example is whether or not to allow life sustaining equipment to be utilized to prolong the life of the individual and other similar directives made by the principal.

Q.  Do notaries have to know how to write property descriptions?

A.  Absolutely.  That is a part of the current notary exam that is included every time.  Property descriptions are an important part of the notary role.